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So recently I was in need of a tool that could:

  • store my js and css scripts in a central location, sorted by project
  • allow me to order the files in the same way they'd appear in my html
  • compress groups of files into one, to reduce the numter of https requests made to the server

And thus, Thinify! was born. Please try it out, and let me know if you have any feature requests or feedback.

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Get your Ipad on!

Got one of the first iPads in Australia. Personally can't see what the fuss is!


DIY Twin Reflex Camera Kit

This looks like fun. I don't read Thai or Japanese, but this looks like a little plastic model kit you can assemble yourself to make a twin-reflex camera.



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Death Metal Rooster

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The Dirty Three Appreciation Post

It's been many years since I'd first seen The Dirty Three, and I'd almost forgotten just how incredibly awesome they really are. The video below serves as a timely reminder. King of Goth Nick Cave tinkles the ivories.

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